Frequently asked questions

Q: Who are we? 

A: Kandy Dust was started by Gael & Yolena (myself). We are married couple that started our own bartending business in 2021. We are to mixologist that love creating a creative bar experience. We are known for our over the top garnishes and drinks.  

Q: How many cocktails can I pick for my event?
A: Four. You can choose 4 cocktails from our look book. Special requests can be taken as well. Please share your ideas with us.

Q: Are our guests allowed to request other simple drinks off the menu?
A: Yes, they can. Guests are able to request cocktails that are not on the menu using our mixers and the alcohol.

Q: We won’t be needing a bar rental with our package. Do you still bill us for the bar? 
A: No, if your venue has a bar or you will be renting a different bar for your event, we will take off $50 from your invoice.


Q: Do you provide the alcohol? 
A: Unfortunately, we are not licensed to provide or sell alcohol at any event. We will provide a shopping list of the alcohol that is needed at the event. 


Q: Do you serve beer and wine only? 
A: We also serve beer and wine for no additional cost.


Q: Do you bring enough bar mixers, ice and soft drinks for the event? 
A: Yes, we do! Please keep in mind that we bring these supplies for bar use only. If you would like additional drinks/ice for your event, the host is to provide them.


Q: Do you provide glassware with your packages? 
A: Yes, only if parties are  smaller than 20 guests. This special request costs an additional $50. We require a working sink at the location in order to wash our cups.